Life Among the Muses: Papers in Honor of James S. Findley


Edited volume of papers Preface; Terry L. Yates The Academic Offspring of James S. Findley; Kenneth N. Geluso and Don E. Wilson Annotated Bibliography of James Smith Findley; William L. Gannon and Don E. Wilson Biogeography of Baja California Peninsular Desert Mammals; David J. Hafner and Brett R. Riddle Annotated Checklist of the Recent Land Mammals of Sonora, Mexico; William Caire On the Status of Neotoma varia from Isla Datil, Sonora; Michael A. Bogan Systematics, Distribution, and Ecology of the Mammals of Catamarca Province, Argentina; Michael A. Mares, Ricardo A. Ojeda, Janet K. Braun, and Ruben M. Barquez Similarity Coefficients and Relationships of Wisconsin-Age Faunas New Mexico and Trans-Pecos Texas; Arthur H. Harris Historical Implications and Characteristics of Assemblages of Small Mammals in West-Central Kansas; E.D. Fleharty and Rob Channell Mammal Species of Concern in New Mexico; Clyde Jones and C. Gregory Schmitt Non-Human Mortality, Injuries, and Possible Cannibalism in Utah Black Bears; Hal L. Black Skeletal Architecture of the Forelimbs in Kangaroo Rats (Heteromyidae: Dipodomys): Adaptations for Digging and Food Handling; Kerry S. Kilburn Puncturing Ability of Bat Canine Teeth: The Tip; Patricia W. Freeman and William N. Weins The Effects of Daily and Seasonal Temperature Variation on a Model of Competing Lizard Species; J.S. Scheibe A Comparison of Morphometric Techniques to Distinguish Sympatric Mussel Species (Family Unionidae) with Similar Shell Morphology; Patricia Mehlhop and Richard L. Cifelli Evaluation of Methods for Permanently Marking Kangaroo Rats (Dipodomys: Heteromyidae); Daniel F. Williams, Walter Tordoff Ill, and David J. Germano Influence of Proximity to Rivers on Chipmunk Vocalization Patterns; William L. Gannon Subnivean Foraging by Abert\u27s Squirrels; Richard B. Forbe

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