<p>Bone densities of the femora were measured from vehicle-treated (sham, n = 6; OVX, n = 6), Tranilast (200 mg/kg/d)-treated (sham, n = 6; OVX, n = 6) mice 8 weeks after surgery. The representative µCT images of distal femora (1.0 mm from the growth plate of the distal femur) (A). Number of OCs in the cultures of enriched BMM (B) and whole bone marrow (C) stimulated with RANKL/M-CSF and 1,25(OH)<sub>2</sub>D<sub>3</sub> (C), respectively. a, <i>p</i><0.05; a’, <i>p</i><0.01 compared with vehicle-treated SHAM. b, <i>p</i><0.05 compared with vehicle-treated OVX. No significant difference between vehicle-treated SHAM and Tranilast-treated OVX (B, C).</p

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