A marketing plan for smart bengali idiomatic proverb serv


Trabalho de projecto apresentado como requisito parcial para a obtenção do grau de Mestre em Gestão de Informação, especialização em Inteligência de MarketingBengali is one of the most verbal communications, graded seventh in the globe bearing in mind the situation of the country. This paper offers an online model for smart Bengali Idiomatic proverb service as well as intelligence marketing plan for revenue. In present circumstances Google translator service is not respectable, specially proverb translator because Google is not tranquil interpreted Bengali proverb precisely and nobody has planned to provide Bengali Idiomatic proverb service that will bring revenue. Now a day’s information is actual significant for real decisions making. The information can be gained from several bases and can able to use different kinds of tools for effective decision making. Marketing Intelligence is a new topic in marketing, there are not several possessions in works. The marketing plans by using information system sustained from marketing intelligence. Kotler's definition says, Intelligence Scheme of marketing is more than a scheme of information gathering or a set of information technologies. Software marketing make vital tactical decisions to exploit profits and success of the business (Öztürk, S., Okumuş, A., & Mutlu, F. 2012). As a result, the proposed project aims to improve online Bengali Idiomatic Proverb Service Model for service of excellence as well as create a business model canvas with marketing plan to observe current market situation of proposed service model that will forecast sales of profit. Therefore, the proposed research has used technological model to get good decision for marketing plan. Good decision assists to increase high number of productivity and profitability because computerized systems which assist the marketing decision to improve marketing plan (Dragomir, C., & Surugiu, F. 2015). In this case, the proposed project has chosen four different types of steps. There are Bengali Idiomatic Proverb Service Model, Online payment model, Business Model Canvas with Marketing plan. The propose project has used visual studio.net, HTML, CSS, nine building blocks for Business model canvas and kotler’s and keller’s marketing plan to develop a model for Bengali Idiomatic proverb service

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