Benchtop Centrifuge for Materials Science


The Benchtop Centrifuge was designed to serve for research purposes within theMechanical Engineering Department at Santa Clara University. The prototype has been completely assembled and is functioning to the desired specifications of applying up to 1000 g’s of force for over 4 hours. The current uses are anticipated for separation of particles within materials for material processing and testing. The overall systemdesign has been adapted froma legacy project within the University. Various tests were conducted in order to ensure safety and usability of the system. Through Abaqus analysis and drop-test experiments, it was found enclosure itself can withstand an impact from a bucket at max-speed. The a SolidWorks analysis, the natural frequency of the enclosure was found to be 104.46 Hz, which translates to a rotational speed of 6267.6 RPM; this is well above what the system will be operating at. The team hopes that future students and faculty will be able to expand their current research through the use of this system

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