Robust Procedures for Obtaining Assembly Contact State Extremal Configurations


Two important components in the selection of an admittance that facilitates force-guided assembly are the identification of: 1) the set of feasible contact states, and 2) the set of configurations that span each contact state, i.e., the extremal configurations. We present a procedure to automatically generate both sets from CAD models of the assembly parts. In the procedure, all possible combinations of principle contacts are considered when generating hypothesized contact states. The feasibility of each is then evaluated in a genetic algorithm based optimization procedure. The maximum and minimum value of each of the 6 configuration variables spanning each contact state are obtained by again using genetic algorithms. Together, the genetic algorithm approach, the hierarchical data structure containing the states, the relationships among the states, and the extremals within each state are used to provide a reliable means of identifying all feasible contact states and their associated extremal configurations

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