The work-study innovative teaching programme : report of an innovative teacher education project


This report concerns the Work-Study Innovative Teaching Programme (hereafter referred to as WSITP), which was developed during 1975-1977 at Churchlands College, Western Australia. WSITP proposes a developmental approach to continuous long-term practice teaching and concurrent related lecture experiences as a means of assisting student teachers in their search for personal meanings about teaching and about themselves, and poses an alternative to the traditional teacher education model (such as the one at Churchlands) which tends to consist of compartmentalised college courses in prescribed areas of personal and professional development on the one hand, and distinctly separate periods of practice teaching on the other. The main focus of the report is on the planning, implementation and evaluation of a pilot study of WSITP which was conducted during the 1977 academic year by Churchlands College and three co-operating primary schools in the Perth metropolitan region

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