Dark Matter "Collider" from Inelastic Boosted Dark Matter


We propose a novel dark matter (DM) detection strategy for the models with non-minimal dark sector. The main ingredients in the underlying DM scenario are a boosted DM particle and a heavier dark sector state. The relativistic DM impinged on target material scatters off inelastically to the heavier state which subsequently decays into DM along with lighter states including visible (Standard Model) particles. The expected signal event, therefore, accompanies a visible signature by the secondary cascade process associated with a recoiling of the target particle, differing from the typical neutrino signal not involving the secondary signature. We then discuss various kinematic features followed by DM detection prospects at large volume neutrino detectors with a model framework where a dark gauge boson is the mediator between the Standard Model particles and DM.Comment: 6 pages, 4 figures, 2 table

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