A test of local Lorentz invariance with Compton scattering asymmetry


We report on a measurement of the constancy and anisotropy of the speed of light relative to the electrons in photon-electron scattering. We used the Compton scattering asymmetry measured by the new Compton polarimeter in Hall~C at Jefferson Lab to test for deviations from unity of the vacuum refractive index (nn). For photon energies in the range of 9 - 46 MeV, we obtain a new limit of 1n<1.4×1081-n < 1.4 \times 10^{-8}. In addition, the absence of sidereal variation over the six month period of the measurement constrains any anisotropies in the speed of light. These constitute the first study of Lorentz invariance using Compton asymmetry. Within the minimal standard model extension framework, our result yield limits on the photon and electron coefficients κ~0+YZ,cTX,κ~0+ZX\tilde{\kappa}_{0^+}^{YZ}, c_{TX}, \tilde{\kappa}_{0^+}^{ZX}, and cTYc_{TY}. Although, these limits are several orders of magnitude larger than the current best limits, they demonstrate the feasibility of using Compton asymmetry for tests of Lorentz invariance. Future parity violating electron scattering experiments at Jefferson Lab will use higher energy electrons enabling better constraints.Comment: 7 pages, 5 figure

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