A pliocene cliff-line around the Giza Pyramids Plateau, Egypt


Aigner, T., 1983. A Pliocene cliff-line around the Giza Pyramids Plateau, Egypt. Palaeogeogr., Palaeoclimatol., Palaeoecol., 4 2 : 313—322. Escarpments bordering the Giza Pyramids Plateau represent the cliff-line of a Pliocene transgression up the pre-Nile ("Eonile") Valley. Geomorphologically, a limestone cliff can be distinguished from a slip-block shore associated with a distinct fining-up sequence. Differences in bedrock lithology and in structure (Joint pattern, faults) are morphogenetic Controls. The pre-Pliocene morphology with escarpments that allowed the development of later cliff-lines is related to deep incision of the Eonile drainage system caused by the desiccation of the Mediterranean Sea during the Messinian

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