Processi sedimentari, idrodinamica e modellizzazione delle spiagge di Santa Margherita, Solanas, Cala di Trana e La Sciumara (Sardegna – Italia)


Presentation of the results from the study of four representative beaches focusing on sedimentary processes, hydrodynamics and modelling. The sample beaches studied were Santa Margherita (Pula) and Solanas (Sinnai), located respectively in the east and west sections of the Gulf of Cagliari, southern Sardinia. Cala di Trana and La Sciumara were also studied, located in the north of Sardinia (Palau – OT) in the Straits of Boniface area. The study was carried out using methods indicated in the European project Interreg IIIA GERER (AA.VV., 2008), for the first time on Sardinian beaches. A digital system of topographic-bathymetric data acquisition was used and seasonally repeated. The digital data, and sedimentological data, were used to calculate the basis on which the wave motion and hydrodynamic simulations were applied. The results identified the phenomena of coastal refraction, the corresponding hydrodynamic scenarios and the surfzone structures that are generated according to the marine event simulated

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