Free Boundary Formulation for BVPs on a Semi-Infinite Interval and Non-Iterative Transformation Methods


This paper is concerned with two examples on the application of the free boundary formulation to BVPs on a semi-infinite interval. In both cases we are able to provide the exact solution of both the BVP and its free boundary formulation. Therefore, these problems can be used as benchmarks for the numerical methods applied to BVPs on a semi-infinite interval and to free BVPs. Moreover, we emphasize how for two classes of free BVPs, we can define non-iterative initial value methods, whereas BVPs are usually solved iteratively. These non-iterative methods can be deduced within Lie's group invariance theory. Then, we show how to apply the non-iterative methods to the two introduced free boundary formulations in order to obtain meaningful numerical results. Finally, we indicate several problems from the literature where our non-iterative transformation methods can be applied.Comment: 30 pages, 7 figures, 4 table

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