State/event based versus purely Action or State based Logics


Although less studied than purely action or state based logics, state/event based logics are becoming increasingly important. Some systems are best studied using structures with information on both states and transitions, and it is these structures over which state/event based logics are defined. The logic UCTL and its variants are perhaps the most widely studied and implemented of these logics to date. As yet, however, no-one seems to have defined UCTL*, a trivial step but a worthwhile one. Here we do just that, but prove in the cases of both UCTL and UCTL* that these logics are no more expressive than their more commonplace fragments. Also, acknowledging the importance of modal transition systems, we define a state/event based logic over a modified modal transition system as a precursor to further work.Comment: 9 pages, 6 figure

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