The Museum of Contemporary Art and its AnillaMAC unit invite "Polarities/Polaridades", which will take place on Tuesday, October 17 at 8 p.m. at MAC Quinta Normal. A performance will be presented at the event within the framework of the project that brings together Jim Hobbs (United Kingdom/USA), Andrew Knight-Hill (United Kingdom) and Jorge Cabieses-Valdés (Chile), who create expanded cinematographic works in live using 16mm film, digital projection, sculptural elements and various acoustic tools. At the museum, the three artists will explore the performative nature of their own individual works and also create a new collaborative piece that responds specifically to Santiago and its surroundings. Polarities aims to explore how artists from both hemispheres work creatively and collaboratively, while examining the concept of “polarity” as it relates to the political, social, cultural and economic structures of different hemispheres. This event has been possible thanks to the support of the Image /Sound Research Center of the University of Greenwich and the Master in Visual Arts of the University of Chile. Approximate duration: 67 minutes. Works to be presented: Nature Morte, 2015, 11 mins, 16mm film with live manipulation. Ventriloquia, 2023, 10 mins, live performance with sound ceramics and video. Through an Ocean of Storms, 2022, 17 mins, 5.1 surround sound composition accompanied by 16 mm film and digital projection. H(xy)/V(z)=Ø, 2023, 13 mins, 16mm film and digital projection with sound performance. Polarities: Santiago, 2023, 10 mins, 16mm film, digital projection and live sound. Utopia/Dystopia, 2011, 6 mins, 16mm film and live sound

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