How Does Music Preference Relate to Personality and Memory?


How do the Big 5 Personality traits relate to preference for different music genres? Our research investigates how the different music genres would affect the students’ memory and reveal their personality traits. There are some associations among Big Five Personality Traits, different genre of music and a person’s memory. According to the resources, the research indicated that two personality traits such as neuroticism and openness correlated significantly with the music preferences. A 34 question online survey made on Qualtrics was administered. The survey consisted of 12 pages. The questions are consist of multiple choices, text entry and slider. The participants followed the online link for the survey to complete some demographic questions. Then, an experiment to memorize different sets of words under three music conditions was conducted, which are no music condition, soft music condition and loud music condition, then participants are required to fill in the words that they have memorized. The whole survey took approximately five to ten minutes to complete

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