Para-fusion Category and Topological Defect Lines in ZN\mathbb Z_N-parafermionic CFTs


We study topological defect lines (TDLs) in two-dimensional ZN\mathbb Z_N-parafermoinic CFTs. Different from the bosonic case, in the 2d parafermionic CFTs, there exist parafermionic defect operators that can live on the TDLs and satisfy interesting fractional statistics. We propose a categorical description for these TDLs, dubbed as ``para-fusion category", which contains various novel features, including ZM\mathbb Z_M qq-type objects for M∣NM\vert N, and parafermoinic defect operators as a type of specialized 1-morphisms of the TDLs. The para-fusion category in parafermionic CFTs can be regarded as a natural generalization of the super-fusion category for the description of TDLs in 2d fermionic CFTs. We investigate these distinguishing features in para-fusion category from both a 2d pure CFT perspective, and also a 3d anyon condensation viewpoint. In the latter approach, we introduce a generalized parafermionic anyon condensation, and use it to establish a functor from the parent fusion category for TDLs in bosonic CFTs to the para-fusion category for TDLs in the parafermionized ones. At last, we provide many examples to illustrate the properties of the proposed para-fusion category, and also give a full classification for a universal para-fusion category obtained from parafermionic condensation of Tambara-Yamagami ZN\mathbb Z_N fusion category.Comment: 45+4 page

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