Color Prompting for Data-Free Continual Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Person Re-Identification


Unsupervised domain adaptive person re-identification (Re-ID) methods alleviate the burden of data annotation through generating pseudo supervision messages. However, real-world Re-ID systems, with continuously accumulating data streams, simultaneously demand more robust adaptation and anti-forgetting capabilities. Methods based on image rehearsal addresses the forgetting issue with limited extra storage but carry the risk of privacy leakage. In this work, we propose a Color Prompting (CoP) method for data-free continual unsupervised domain adaptive person Re-ID. Specifically, we employ a light-weighted prompter network to fit the color distribution of the current task together with Re-ID training. Then for the incoming new tasks, the learned color distribution serves as color style transfer guidance to transfer the images into past styles. CoP achieves accurate color style recovery for past tasks with adequate data diversity, leading to superior anti-forgetting effects compared with image rehearsal methods. Moreover, CoP demonstrates strong generalization performance for fast adaptation into new domains, given only a small amount of unlabeled images. Extensive experiments demonstrate that after the continual training pipeline the proposed CoP achieves 6.7% and 8.1% average rank-1 improvements over the replay method on seen and unseen domains, respectively. The source code for this work is publicly available in

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