Spectral survey of a Hot core with an Eruptive Accretion in S255IR NIRS3 (SHEA): The discovery of class I and class II millimeter methanol maser transitions


We report the detection of the millimeter CH3_3OH masers including a new detection of class I (110,11_{0,11}-101,10_{1,10}A) and class II (61,5_{1,5}-52,4_{2,4}E) maser transitions toward the high-mass protostar S255IR NIRS3 in post-burst phase. The CH3_3OH emissions were detected as a mixture of maser and thermal characteristics. We examine the detected transitions using an excitation diagram and LTE model spectra and compare the observed properties with those of thermal lines. Class II CH3_3OH maser transitions showed distinctive intensity and velocity distributions from those of thermal transitions. Bright distinct emission components in addition to the fragmented and arc-shaped emissions are only detected in class I CH3_3OH maser transitions toward southern and western directions from the protostellar position, implying the presence of the slow outflow shocks.Comment: 9 pages, 4 Figures, 1 Table, Accepted for publication in ApJ

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