C10 Causes of Cassava Post-Harvest Losses Among Farmers In Imo State, Nigeria


ABSTRACT The study examined farmers perception of post harvest cassava losses in Imo state. It specifically addressed the frequency of use of electronic sources of information on post harvest losses, perceived causes of cassava post-harvest losses and the involvement in cassava processing. A structured questionnaire was used to obtain data from 120 rural farmers selected at random. Data was analyzed using SPSS to obtain the mean, percentage and mean score. Findings from the study reveal that the frequency of use of the eight electronic sources of information on post harvest cassava losses listed has a grand mean of 1.7, an indication of low use of the sources. Mobile phone calls/SMS has the highest mean score(3.01). Age, education, household size, farm size, were important socioeconomic characteristics influencing the perceived causes of post harvest losses having been found significant at 5% level. Cassava farmers should be granted credit facilities and be encouraged to form cooperatives to help raise fund and get facility needed to reduce post-harvest losses. Farmers should be encouraged to use other electronic sources in order to enjoy those services and keep abreast of information on cassava post harvest losses. Keywords; post harvest cassava losses, E- information sources

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