Instagram and KBBI V Application for Instructional Sources


Instructional source in learning Bahasa Indonesia is nowadays, not only limited to printed book but also to technology availably installed in every student's smartphone such as Instagram and KBBI V applications. However, it is still found that the students only use printed book as a learning source. Instagram is a photo and video sharing application. Meanwhile, KBBI V is an official application issued by the Language Development and Development Agency, Ministry of Education and Culture. Accordingly, this study aims at describing the uses of Instagram and KBBI V as alternative learning sources. This study employs descriptive qualitative research method that focuses on the benefits of following Badan Bahasa Kemendikbud, an official Instagram account of Badan Bahasa Kemendikbud, as well as exploring the use of KBBI V application that each student already installed in their mobile phone. Students class XII AK of SMK T. Amir Hamzah, Indrapura were chosen as the sample of the study. Learning innovation must be sustainably upheld. One of the ways to sustainably innovate it is by using smartphone as learning media. BPPB also has its innovation to welcome industrial revolution 4.0 by providing on-line learning through on-line KBBI. In addition, the existence of social media is also optimized to deliver information about language and literature that can be accessed by everyone, everywhere, and every time easily and quickly. Instructional process is meaningful when it makes students think critically. The use of on-line KBBI V and Instagram, becomes an alternative innovation to learning language and literature to people living in this digital era, particularly to students.     Keywords: Instragram, KBBI V application, learning source

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