Personalized Data-Driven Learning and Optimization: Theory and Applications to Healthcare


This dissertation is broadly about developing new personalized data-driven learning and optimization methods with theoretical performance guarantees for three important applications in healthcare operations management and medical decision-making. In these research problems, we are dealing with longitudinal settings, where the decision-maker needs to make multi-stage personalized decisions while collecting data in-between stages. In each stage, the decision-maker incorporates the newly observed data in order to update his current system's model or belief, thereby making better decisions next. This new class of data-driven learning and optimization methods indeed learns from data over time so as to make efficient and effective decisions for each individual in real-time under dynamic, uncertain environments. The theoretical contributions lie in the design and analysis of these new predictive and prescriptive learning and optimization methods and proving theoretical performance guarantees for them. The practical contributions are to apply these methods to resolve unmet real-world needs in healthcare operations management and medical decision-making so as to yield managerial and practical insights and new functionality.PHDIndustrial & Operations EngineeringUniversity of Michigan, Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies

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