Lichens of the Innvika Bay, Prins Oscars Land (Nordaustlandet, Svalbard)


The paper presents a list of lichens for the Innvika Bay, which includes 157 lichenized and 2 lichenicolous fungi. Alectoria gowardii and Peltigera elisabethae are new to Svalbard. Furthermore, 36 other species were found new to Nordaustlandet. Twenty-seven species are rare on Svalbard, among them Aspilidea myrinii, Candelariella borealis, Gyalecta erythrozona, Miriquidica deusta, Rhizocarpon viridiatrum (reported for the second time), and Aspicilia cinerea, Cetraria nigricans, Cladonia arbuscula, Cystocoleus ebeneus, Lecidea ecrustacea, Peltigera frippii, Rhizocarpon eupetraeoides, Rinodina terrestris, Stereocaulon cumulatum, Toninia squalida, Verrucaria hydrela. Localities, substrates and distribution in Svalbard are given for each species. For rare and extremely rare species, all known locations are given. For some species, differences from closely related species are given

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