On the momentum-dependence of Kβˆ’K^{-}-nuclear potentials


The momentum dependent Kβˆ’K^{-}-nucleus optical potentials are obtained based on the relativistic mean-field theory. By considering the quarks coordinates of Kβˆ’K^- meson, we introduced a momentum-dependent "form factor" to modify the coupling vertexes. The parameters in the form factors are determined by fitting the experimental Kβˆ’K^{-}-nucleus scattering data. It is found that the real part of the optical potentials decrease with increasing Kβˆ’K^- momenta, however the imaginary potentials increase at first with increasing momenta up to Pk=450∼550P_k=450\sim 550 MeV and then decrease. By comparing the calculated Kβˆ’K^- mean free paths with those from Kβˆ’nK^-n/Kβˆ’pK^-p scattering data, we suggested that the real potential depth is V0∼80V_0\sim 80 MeV, and the imaginary potential parameter is W0∼65W_0\sim 65 MeV.Comment: 9 pages, 4 figure

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