The Master Thesis of Mosh\'e Flato


The genesis and impact of the M.Sc. thesis by Mosh\'e Flato is analysed. In this connection, the fruitful passage of Mosh\'e in Lyon, capitale mondiale de la gastronomie, is evoked. Finally, some basic elements for a model in crystal- field theory are given as a important step on the way opened by Mosh\'e.Comment: 10 pages, Tex file. Contributed paper submitted for the proceedings of the `Conf\'erence Mosh\'e Flato 1999' held in Dijon (France), 5 - 8 September 1999. The proceedings will be published by Kluwer Academic Publishers in the series `Mathematical Physics Studies', eds. G. Dito and D. Sternheimer, founded by the late Professor Mosh\'e Flat

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