BPS and non-BPS Domain Walls in Supersymmetric QCD with SU(3) Gauge Group


We study the spectrum of the domain walls interpolating between different chirally asymmetric vacua in supersymmetric QCD with the SU(3) gauge group and including 2 pairs of chiral matter multiplets in fundamental and anti-fundamental representations. For small enough masses m < m* = .286... (in the units of \Lambda), there are two different domain wall solutions which are BPS-saturated and two types of ``wallsome sphalerons''. At m = m*, two BPS branches join together and, in the interval m* < m < m** = 3.704..., BPS equations have no solutions but there are solutions to the equations of motion describing a non-BPS domain wall and a sphaleron. For m > m**, there are no solutions whatsoever.Comment: 10 pages LaTeX, 5 postscript figure

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