D-instanton induced interactions on a D3-brane


Non-perturbative features of the derivative expansion of the effective action of a single D3-brane are obtained by considering scattering amplitudes of open and closed strings. This motivates expressions for the coupling constant dependence of world-volume interactions of the form (βˆ‚F)4(\partial F)^4 (where F is the Born-Infeld field strength), (βˆ‚2Ο•)4(\partial^2\phi)^4 (where Ο•\phi are the normal coordinates of the D3-brane) and other interactions related by \calN=4 supersymmetry. These include terms that transform with non-trivial modular weight under Montonen-Olive duality. The leading D-instanton contributions that enter into these effective interactions are also shown to follow from an explicit stringy construction of the moduli space action for the D-instanton/D3-brane system in the presence of D3-brane open-string sources (but in the absence of a background antisymmetric tensor potential). Extending this action to include closed-string sources leads to a unified description of non-perturbative terms in the effective action of the form (embedding curvature)2^2 together with open-string interactions that describe contributions of the second fundamental form.Comment: 40 pages, harvmac (b), some typos corrected and references adde

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