Towards Isolation of New Physics in B^0_s-\bar{B}^0_s Mixing


In many extensions of the standard model, new physics is possible to contribute significantly to B^0_s-\bar{B}^0_s mixing. We show that the effect of new physics, both its phase information and its magnitude, can be isolated from measurements of CP asymmetries in the semileptonic B_s transitions and in some nonleptonic B_s decays into hadronic CP eigenstates. We also find that the rates of CP-forbidden decays at the \Upsilon (5S) resonance are not suppressed by the large B_s mass difference, thus they can be used to extract the CP-violating phase of new physics in either B^0_s-\bar{B}^0_s or K^0-\bar{K}^0 mixing.Comment: Big Latex 11 page

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