Mini-jet Total Cross-sections and Overlap Functions through Bloch-Nordsieck Summation


Predictions for total inelastic cross-sections for photon induced processes are discussed in the context of the QCD-inspired minijet model. Large theoretical uncertainties exist, some of them related to the parton distributions of hadrons in impact parameter space. A model for such distribution is presented, based on soft gluon summation. This model incorporates (the salient features of distributions obtained from) the intrinsic transverse momentum behaviour of hadrons. Under the assumption that the intrinsic behaviour is dominated by soft gluon emission stimulated by the scattering process, the b-spectrum becomes softer and softer as the scattering energy increases. In minijet models for the inclusive cross-sections, this will counter the increase from σjet\sigma_{jet} .Comment: 11 pages, two postscript figures, latex, uses epsfig.sty, a4wide.sty full postscript file of the paper is available at

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