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One-click access to free copies of research papers whenever you hit the paywall

CORE Discovery's screenshot
    Key message 1

    Overcome publishers' paywalls by discovering open access versions of papers

    Key message 2

    Backed by the world's largest dataset of open access full texts

    Key message 3

    Easy to install browser extension with over 10 million monthly active users

This service is coming to you soon...

CORE Discovery helps users to discover freely accessible copies of research papers that are behind a paywall on the publisher's site. It is backed by our huge dataset of millions of full text open access papers as well as content from widely used external services beyond CORE.

Our service processes information from a wide number of authoritative scholarly data sources to discover, download and validate information about free availability of articles wherever they are located on the web. In this way, we are curating a vast database of freely available copies of articles. CORE Discovery has a preference for displaying first the open access content, originating from our approved content providers, and seeks alternative routes, providing access to free versions, only if they are not available from them.

With CORE Discovery, you can be confident to benefit from the highest coverage of freely available copies of articles anywhere on the planet. So try it, it's free.

CORE Discovery can also be integrated into third party systems using our CORE Discovery API.

It’s free to install CORE Discovery in your browser.

If you are interested in the integration of your systems with the CORE Discovery API, please contact us.

What is included Discovery

Our free membership provides you with:

  • An easy to install browser extension.
  • Automatic discovery of alternative open access versions of research papers.
  • Easy access to millions of open access research papers.