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    You Can\u27t Park Your Elephant on Main Street, You Know

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    In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay\u27s first paragraph. LAW: A person may not cross state lines with a duck atop his head. (Location: United States, Minnesota

    Embarrassingly Shallow Autoencoders for Sparse Data

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    Combining simple elements from the literature, we define a linear model that is geared toward sparse data, in particular implicit feedback data for recommender systems. We show that its training objective has a closed-form solution, and discuss the resulting conceptual insights. Surprisingly, this simple model achieves better ranking accuracy than various state-of-the-art collaborative-filtering approaches, including deep non-linear models, on most of the publicly available data-sets used in our experiments.Comment: In the proceedings of the Web Conference (WWW) 2019 (7 pages

    Motion for a "Just Transition" in Response to Closure of the Mohave Generating Station

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    Mohave Generating Station closed on December 31, 2005. The Grand Canyon Trust organized an innovative proposal to the California Public Utility Commission to direct the use of revenues from the sale of Mohave's sulfur credits to benefit tribal communities affected by the closure of Black Mesa coal mine that supplied coal to the power plant. The "Just Transition Coalition" is engaged an developing alternative proposals that would reinvest approximately $30 million in annual revenues from the sale of sulfur credits with other sources such as clean and renewable energy bonds to create equity ownership options for tribes in wind and solar projects.Founded by an alliance of Navajo and Hopi interest groups, the Trust, and Sierra Club, the Just Transition Coalition is now supported by dozens of chapters, villages, and an increasing number of tribally elected officials

    Legal aspects of german hedge fund structures

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    Increasingly, alternative investments via hedge funds are gaining importance in Germany. Just recently, this subject was taken up in the legal literature, too; this resulted in a higher product transparency. However, German investment law and, particularly, the special division "hedge funds" is still a field dominated by practitioners. First, the present situation shall be outlined. In addition, a description of the current development is given, in which the practical knowledge of the author is included. Finally, the hedge fund regulation intended by the legislator at the beginning of the year 2004 is legally evaluated against this background
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