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    The Expansionist View of Systematic Testimonial Injustice: South Asian Context

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    In this paper, I offer an expansionist view of the Frickerian central case of testimonial injustice, citing examples from the South Asian context. To defend this expansionist position, I provide an argument in three parts. First, I argue that credibility deficit and credibility excess are entangled with each other in such a way that often, one produces the other. Secondly, I contend that we should not say that systematic testimonial injustice is a consequence of credibility deficit only because of the entanglement between them. I also contend that for being the central case of testimonial injustice, identity prejudice should not be necessarily negative; it can be positive as well. Propounding a twofold condition of the status of a knower, the last part claims that testimonial injustice occurs when one of the two conditions remains unmet

    The Motivation Problem, Future Generations, and the Idea of “Leaving the Earth No Worse”

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    The author examines the problem of motivation about future generations. He argues that though many philosophers think that direct motivations are problematic for future generations only, they are not unproblematic for the current generations too, and that the motivation problem can be solved if we consider the idea of “leaving the earth no worse.” He also shows why such an idea should be promoted and can motivate us to work in the best interests of current and future generations. The author also contends that prioritizing the idea of “leaving the earth no worse” is not exclusively anthropocentric

    Sector-wise dividend payment by all listed companies in Dhaka stock exchange : an empirical analysis

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    Purpose: The purpose of this article is to examine the sectorwise dividend payment of all the listed companies in the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE). This paper also indicates the highest and lowest percentage of dividend paid by companies in each sector, as well as illustrates the reason for distributing such amount of dividend. Design/methodology/approach: The empirical analysis was done by using the last fifteen years (i.e., 2004-2018) of dividend payment by all listed firms in DSE. Data was collected from the secondary sources to perform the analysis. On collected data, average dividend amount was calculated for each listed company by adding the percentage of cash and stock dividend paid by those companies. Trend analysis was performed on the average dividend to see which company among all listed companies is distributing a high or low percentage of dividend to their shareholders' over the years. Findings: The results from this article show that companies in the declining industry fail to meet their shareholders’ expectations in terms of dividend payment. On the other hand, companies in booming industries are consistently disbursing dividend for their shareholders’. Besides, companies are in the growth stage, and the multinational companies are distributing a considerable percentage of dividend. Practical implications: The results of this article will be helpful for the fund managers’, investment analysts’ and investors’ who makes decisions to invest in the capital market because the paper presented the historical average dividend payment by listed companies. Originality/value: This article presents the average dividend payment by companies listed in stock exchange in an emerging economy, also finds out sector-wise dividend payment and suggests some remedial for companies.peer-reviewe

    Peran Second Line Dalam Musnad Ahmad Bin Hanbal

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    Ibn H{anbal was a great mujaddid Islam with the final work hadith titled al-Musnad. Musnad is a hadith which contains a range of devices beyond the author himself, namely: (1) the teacher as transmitter of the tradition, (2) management through the involvement of his family, and (3) generation of editing afterwards, (4) the reclassification composition for service development literature, and (5) i‘râb against him. The latter two devices make the referensif Musnad rises higher. Musnad strategies are (1) the involvement of the gate-keeper as the key to unlocking the information, (2) checking the validity of data through cross-check and overtime, and (3) the transformation of information to open criticism. Musnad role in the science of hadith are (1) collection of hadith which are highest among the narrators, (2) the methodology of the strategies used; and (3) contribution to the tradition of jurisprudence. In that role there contributive involvement in the preparation of Musnad second line in an orderly manner, the addition of hadith from other sources, and updates the edition

    Model Distribusi Bantuan Bencana Alam : Penentuan Tujuan Distribusi Materi Bantuan Menggunakan Algoritma Best Fit

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    Keributan dikarenakan berebut materi bantuan bencana sering terjadi sewaktu distribusi bantuan bencana alam. Sistem informasi sudah ada akan tetapi belum disinergikan dengan pengembangan sistem distribusi batuan. Algoritma Best Fit dapat dipergunakan untuk pengembangan sistem distribusi materi bantuan. Algoritma ini akan membantu memilih lokasi mana yang kebutuhannya bisa terpenuhi dengan jumlah materi bantuan dan sisa bantuan kecil atau habis. Dengan algoritma ini donatur akan terbantu untuk menentukan lokasi yang menjadi tujuan distribusi bantuan yang diberikan

    Pengaruh Profitabilitas, Arus Kas Operasi, dan Arus Kas Bebas terhadap Dividen Kas Perusahaan di Bursa Efek Indonesia

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    This research aims: (1) to find impact of profitability, operating cash flows,free cash flows simultaneously to cash devidend at Manufacture Companiesof Raw and Chemical Industry in Indonesian Stock Exchange, and (2) to findimpact of profitability, operating cash flows, free cash flows partially to cashdevidend at Manufacture Companies of Raw and Chemical Industry inIndonesian Stock Exchange.Design used in this research is associative. Analysis method used qualitativeand quantitative method. Variables used are four variables, those areindependent variables which Profitability (X1), Operating Cash Flows (X2),and Free Cash Flows (X3), and also dependent variables is Cash Dividend(Y). Population in this research as much 66 companies. Sample used asmuch 58 companies. The analytical tool used is multiple linear regression.According to the research result, find: (1) Profitability, operating cash flows,and free cash flows simultaneously have positive and significant effects tocash devidend at Manufacture Companies of Raw and Chemical Industry inIndonesian Stock Exchange and (2) Profitability, operating cash flows, andfree cash flows partially have positive and significant effects to cashdevidend at Manufacture Companies of Raw and Chemical Industry inIndonesian Stock Exchange

    Realitas Keberagamaan Masyarakat Kabupaten Batanghari

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    Artikel ini bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan keberagamaan masyarakat Kabupaten Batanghari dan peran institusi-institusi keagamaan baik formal maupun nonformal yang ada guna pembangunan masyarakat agamis di Kabupaten Batanghari

    The Perception on Food Quality among Urban People

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    Contaminated and unhygienic food intake is a major problem in the urban cities of Bangladesh. This raises a serious concern for health of the urban citizens. The research investigates into the attitude of the urban educated people on their awareness of food safety. The findings of the study suggest a high degree of awareness amongst respondents of the attitudinal survey. People with higher educational background show higher degree of awareness of how the quality of food should be maintained. A lack of confidence on the functions of government regulatory agency in testing the food standard is also reflected in the study.
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