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    Inclusive and pion production neutrino-nucleus cross sections

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    We analyze the experimental data on the inclusive double differential cross section by neutrinos charged current, measured by T2K, with the same model which was successful for the MiniBooNE quasielastic cross sections. As in our previous analysis the multinucleon component is needed in order to reproduce the data. For the total cross section our evaluation is smaller than the SciBooNE data above 1 GeV. This indicates the opening of a new channel not included in our evaluation, presumably the two pion emission channel. We also check that our description holds for the exclusive single pion production channel by confronting our evaluation with the MiniBooNE double differential cross section for a single charged pion and the Q^2 distribution. Both are compatible with data

    Neutrino quasielastic interaction and nuclear dynamics

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    We investigate the double differential neutrino-carbon quasielastic cross sections as measured by the MiniBooNE experiment. Our present treatment incorporates relativistic corrections in the nuclear response functions and includes the multinucleon component. We confirm our previous conclusion that it is possible to account for all the data without any modification of the axial mass. We also introduce the Q^2 distribution for charged and neutral current. The data point at a sizable multinucleon component beside the genuine quasielastic peak. They are also indicative of the collective character of the nuclear response, of interest for hadronic physics.Comment: Two figures added and two figures modifie

    Hubungan antara Pengetahuan Lingkungan dengan Perilaku Prolingkungan Sekolah Adiwiyata (Studi Kasus Sdn 21 Taluak Kab. Agam)

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    Penelitian bertujuan untuk menganalisis hubungan pengetahuan lingkungan dengan perilaku prolingkungan pada peserta didik sekolah dasar (SD) Adiwiyata. Perilaku prolingkungan dianalisis dengan model teori Lawrence Green dan pengetahuan lingkungan diukur menggunakan skala NEP. Hasil penelitian ini sesuai dengan teori Lawrence Green yakni pengetahuan lingkungan tidak berhubungan dengan perilaku prolingkungan pada peserta didik sekolah Adiwiyata. Hasil analisis perilaku prolingkungan didapatkan bahwa perilaku prolingkungan sekolah Adiwiyata sangat baik. Dengan demikian program Adiwiyata mempunyai pengaruh positif dalam mengubah perilaku prolingkunga
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