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    Lithic economies and community organization at La Laguna, Tlaxcala

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    Site-wide, assemblage-based lithic analyses help to elucidate community dynamics including variability in domestic economies, technological skill and decision making, exchange networks, and ritual practices. In this study we present the results of an analysis of over 36,000 lithic artifacts from the site of La Laguna, Tlaxcala. We compare Middle to Late Formative period (ca. 600–400 b.c.) and Terminal Formative period (ca. 100 b.c.–a.d. 150) deposits to examine transformations associated with urbanization and state formation during this interval. The residents of La Laguna had relatively equal and ample access to obsidian, and most production was organized independently by households. We identify blade production zones and variability in consumption patterns suggestive of different domestic, communal, and ceremonial activities. The introduction of bloodletters, elaborate large bifacial knives, and zoomorphic eccentrics to the Terminal Formative assemblage may indicate the emergence of higher statuses, new social roles, and militaristic symbolism during this period

    Galaxy-Galaxy Flexion: Weak Lensing to Second Order

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    In this paper, we develop a new gravitational lensing inversion technique. While traditional approaches assume that the lensing field varies little across a galaxy image, we note that this variation in the field can give rise to a ``Flexion'' or bending of a galaxy image, which may then be used to detect a lensing signal with increased signal to noise. Since the significance of the Flexion signal increases on small scales, this is ideally suited to galaxy-galaxy lensing. We develop an inversion technique based on the ``Shapelets'' formalism of Refregier (2003). We then demonstrate the proof of this concept by measuring a Flexion signal in the Deep Lens Survey. Assuming an intrinsically isothermal distribution, we find from the Flexion signal alone a velocity width of v_c=221\pm 12 km/s for lens galaxies of r < 21.5, subject to uncertainties in the intrinsic Flexion distribution.Comment: 11 pages, Latex, 4 figures. Accepted by ApJ, changes include revision of errors from previous draf

    Review of Bono: In Conversation with Michka Assayas

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