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    Similarity Solution for Free Convection Flow of a Micropolar Fluid under Convective Boundary Condition via Lie Scaling Group Transformations

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    The free convective flow of an incompressible micropolar fluid along permeable vertical plate under the convective boundary condition is investigated. The Lie scaling group of transformations is applied to get the similarity representation for the system of partial differential equations and then the resulting systems of equations are solved using spectral quasi-linearisation method. A quantitative comparison of the numerical results is made with previously published results for special cases and the results are found to be in good agreement. The results of the physical parameters on the developments of flow, temperature, concentration, skinfriction, wall couple stress, heat transfer, and mass transfer characteristics along vertical plate are given and the salient features are discussed

    Influence of Non-linear Boussinesq Approximation on Natural Convective Flow of a Power-Law Fluid along an Inclined Plate under Convective Thermal Boundary Condition

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    In the present investigation, a problem of natural convective flow of a non-Newtonian power-law fluid over an inclined plate saturated in a non-Darcy porous medium is considered. Also, the nonlinear Boussinesq approximation and convective thermal boundary condition are taken into account to address heat and mass transfer phenomena of thermal systems which are operated at moderate and very high temperatures. The steady-state boundary layer equations are non-dimensionalized into non-similar form and then solved numerically by the local non-similarity method with successive linearisation method (SLM). The effects of various physical parameters on the fluid flow, heat and mass transfer characteristics are depicted graphically and analysed in detail

    A spectral relaxation method for linear and non-linear stratification effects on mixed convection in a porous medium

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    In this composition, we use a new spectral relaxation method (SRM) to investigate the effects of linear and non-linear stratification on mixed convective transport along a vertical surface embedded in a porous medium and it is viewed for the first time in both aiding and opposing buoyancy cases. The governing partial differential equations are transformed into ordinary differential equations using similarity transformation and then the resulting differential equations are solved numerically using SRM. A comparison is also made about the accuracy of SRM results in relation to the results obtained using the shooting method. We show that the proposed technique is an efficient numerical algorithm with assured convergence that serves as an alternative to common numerical methods for solving nonlinear boundary value problems. A parametric study of the physical parameters involved in the problem is conducted and a representative set of numerical results is illustrated, with accent on the comparison between linear and non-linear stratification. It is significant to notice that the separation of flow is found to be more in the absence of stratification whereas it is less in the presence of stratification. Finally, thermal and solutal stratifications significantly affect the heat and mass transfer rates, besides delay the boundary layer separation

    Wegener′s granulomatosis

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    We report a rare case of Wegener′s granulomatosis involving the prostate gland in a 45-year-old male who presented with acute urinary retention. Treatment was initiated with oral cyclophosphamide and steroids. The prostate size regressed in four weeks and patient voided well after removal of catheter