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    Lorentz Violation and Faddeev-Popov Ghosts

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    We consider how Lorentz-violating interactions in the Faddeev-Popov ghost sector will affect scalar QED. The behavior depends sensitively on whether the gauge symmetry is spontaneously broken. If the symmetry is not broken, Lorentz violations in the ghost sector are unphysical, but if there is spontaneous breaking, radiative corrections will induce Lorentz-violating and gauge-dependent terms in other sectors of the theory.Comment: 13 page

    Photon Decay at the Schwarzschild Horizon

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    A recent proposal that gravity theory is an emergent phenomenon also entails the possibility of photon decay near the Schwarzschild event horizon. We present a possible mechanism for such decay, which utilizes a dimensional reduction near the horizon.Comment: 11 pages, no figure
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