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    Study of proton parton distribution functions at high x using ZEUS data

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    At large values of x the parton distribution functions (PDFs) of the proton are poorly constrained and there are considerable variations between different global fits. Data at such high x have already been published by the ZEUS Collaboration, but not yet used in PDF extractions. A technique for comparing predictions based on different PDF sets to the observed number of events in the ZEUS data is presented. It is applied to compare predictions from the most commonly used PDFs to published ZEUS data at high Bjorken x. A wide variation is found in the ability of the PDFs to predict the observed results. A scheme for including the ZEUS high-x data in future PDF extractions is discussed.Comment: 36 pages, 5 Figures. Additional information showing comparison to more PDF sets can be found https://www-zeus.desy.de/zeus_papers/zeus_papers.htm

    Studies of the diffractive photoproduction of isolated photons at HERA

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    The photoproduction of isolated photons has been measured in diffractive events recorded by the ZEUS detector at HERA. Cross sections are evaluated in the photon transverse-energy and pseudorapidity ranges 5<ET<155 < E_T < 15 GeV and 0.7<η<0.9,-0.7 < \eta < 0.9, inclusively and also with a jet with transverse energy and pseudorapidity in the ranges 4<Ejet<354 < E_{jet} < 35 GeV and 1.5<ηjet<1.8,-1.5 < \eta_{jet} < 1.8, using a total integrated electron-proton luminosity of 456 pb1^{-1}. A number of kinematic variables were studied and compared to predictions from the Rapgap Monte Carlo model. An excess of data is observed above the Rapgap predictions for zPomeronmeas>0.9,z^{meas}_{Pomeron} > 0.9, where zPomeronmeasz^{meas}_{Pomeron} is the fraction of the longitudinal momentum of the colourless "Pomeron" exchange that is transferred to the photon-jet final state, giving evidence for direct Pomeron interactions.Comment: 46 pages, 10 figures. The second version has some textual clarification

    Production of J/psi Mesons at HERA

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    Inelastic and diffractive production of J/psi mesons at HERA is reviewed. The data on inelastic photoproduction are described well within errors by the Colour Singlet Model in next-to-leading order. A search for colour octet processes predicted within the NRQCD/factorisation approach is conducted in many regions of phase space. No unambiguous evidence has been found to date. Diffractive elastic production of J/psi mesons has been measured in the limit of photoproduction up to the highest photon proton center of mass energies. The increase of the cross section is described by pQCD models. At larger Q^2, the W dependence is found to be similar to that observed in photoproduction. First analyses of data at high t yield a powerlike dependence on |t|. A LO BFKL calculation gives a good description of the data.Comment: 14 pages, 12 figures, contribution to Ringberg 200

    Recent Low x and Diffractive Collider Data

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    Selected recent data from collider experiments pertaining to the understanding of QCD at low Bjorken-x are reviewed. The status of QCD and Regge factorisation in hard diffractive interactions is discussed in terms of data from HERA and the Tevatron. The possibility of anomalous behaviour in the γγ\gamma \gamma total cross section is confronted with the most recent measurements from LEP. Data from all three colliders that are sensitive to possible BFKL effects are presented and different interpretations are discussed.Comment: 9 pages, introductory talk from the 1999 Durham Phenomenology Workshop on Collider Physic

    Open Charm Production at HERA

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    Measurements of charmed particle cross sections at HERA in the photoproduction and deep inelastic regimes are reviewed. The status of the comparison with perturbative QCD calculations is discussed.Comment: Presented at the Ringberg Workshop on ``New Trends in HERA Physics 2001'' 17-22 June 2001. 12 pages, 11 figure