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    A New Switched State Jump Observer for Traffic Density Estimation in Expressways Based on Hybrid-Dynamic-Traffic-Network-Model

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    When faced with problems such as traffic state estimation, state prediction, and congestion identification for the expressway network, a novel switched observer design strategy with jump states is required to reconstruct the traffic scene more realistically. In this study, the expressway network is firstly modeled as the special discrete switched system, which is called the piecewise affine system model, a partition of state subspace is introduced, and the convex polytopes are utilized to describe the combination modes of cells. Secondly, based on the hybrid dynamic traffic network model, the corresponding switched observer (including state jumps) is designed. Furthermore, by applying multiple Lyapunov functions and S-procedure theory, the observer design problem can be converted into the existence issue of the solutions to the linear matrix inequality. As a result, a set of gain matrices can be obtained. The estimated states start to jump when the mode changes occur, and the updated value of the estimated state mainly depends on the estimated and the measured values at the previous time. Lastly, the designed state jump observer is applied to the Beijing Jingkai expressway, and the superiority and the feasibility are demonstrated in the application results