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    An Analysis of External Publicity Text Translation from the Perspective of Eco-translatology—A Case Study of Huai’an External Publicity Translation

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    External publicity plays an important role in the course of internationalization. And it is necessary for translator in the process of translating external publicity to consider the differences between the two languages and cultures, which is the key to the fact that whether the true publicity can be really achieved. The present research employs the theory of eco-translatology to study the translation of external publicity. The translation version in Huai’an municipal government website is taken as a case analysis to support the author’s view point. The existing errors are pointed out and the factors resulting in the problems are listed. At the same time, some strategies and approaches are proposed in the terms of improvement, which serve as theoretical and practical references for those working on the translation of external publicity texts as well as other practical writings

    A climatic record from ^(14)C-dated wood fragments from southwestern Colorado

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    Deuterium concentration in trees are related to the climatic temperature at which the Trees grew. Deuterium analyses were made on all available (39) ^(14)C-dated (all ^(14)C dates cited are uncorrected) wood fragments collected from Lake Emma sediments. The ^(14)C dates range from 9600 to 5400 "B.P.". Tree line was above Lake Emma at 9600 "B.P.", was at Lake Emma at about 5000 "B.P.", and is 80 m below Lake Emma at the present time. The isotopic records at the various intervals of time coincide very well with this history. The range of δD values is maximum at 9600 "B.P." and is minimum at about 5400 "B.P.". These data allow us to estimate the temperature range for the area between tree line and Lake Emma between these times. These results confirm previously observed cooling trends from several sources in the Western Hemisphere

    Generation of Intense High-Order Vortex Harmonics

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    This paper presents the method for the first time to generate intense high-order optical vortices that carry orbital angular momentum in the extreme ultraviolet region. In three-dimensional particle-in-cell simulation, both the reflected and transmitted light beams include high-order harmonics of the Laguerre-Gaussian (LG) mode when a linearly polarized LG laser pulse impinges on a solid foil. The mode of the generated LG harmonic scales with its order, in good agreement with our theoretical analysis. The intensity of the generated high-order vortex harmonics is close to the relativistic region, and the pulse duration can be in attosecond scale. The obtained intense vortex beam possesses the combined properties of fine transversal structure due to the high-order mode and the fine longitudinal structure due to the short wavelength of the high-order harmonics. Thus, the obtained intense vortex beam may have extraordinarily promising applications for high-capacity quantum information and for high-resolution detection in both spatial and temporal scales because of the addition of a new degree of freedom

    Generation of Ultra-intense Gamma-ray Train by QED Harmonics

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    When laser intensity exceeds 10^22W/cm^2, photons with energy above MeV can be generated from high-order harmonics process in the laser-plasma interaction. We find that under such laser intensity, QED effect plays a dominating role in the radiation pattern. Contrast to the gas and relativistic HHG processes, both the occurrence and energy of gamma-ray emission produced by QED harmonics are random and QED harmonics are usually not coherent, while the property of high intensity and ultra-short duration is conserved. Our simulation shows that the period of gamma-ray train is half of the laser period and the peak intensity is 1.4e22W/cm^2. This new harmonic production with QED effects are crucial to light-matter interaction in strong field and can be verified in experiments by 10PW laser facilities in the near future.Comment: 12 pages, 4 figure

    Numerical Simulation of 2D Supersonic Magnetohydrodynamic Channel and Study on Hall Effect

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    AbstractIn this research effort, numerical simulation of two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) channel is performed and Hall effect is studied. The computational model consists of the Navier-Stokes (N-S) equations coupled with electrical-magnetic source terms, Maxwell equations and the generalized Ohm's law. Boundary conditions for the electrical potential equation considering Hall effect are derived. To start with, the MHD channel with single-pair electrodes is studied and flow of the electric current is in accordance with physical principle. Then the MHD channel with five-pair electrodes is numerically simulated. The results show that the electrical current concentrates on the downstream of the anode and the upstream of the cathode due to Hall effect, and the flow field becomes asymmetrical. At the current value of the magnetic interaction parameter, the electrical-magnetic force affects the flow remarkably, decreasing the outlet Mach number and increasing the outlet pressure; what's more, the flow structure in the channel becomes extremely complex. Performances of MHD channels with continual electrodes and segmented electrodes are compared. The results show that performance of the MHD channel with segmented electrodes is better than that with continual electrodes with the increase of Hall parameter

    Dynamic reference point method with probabilistic linguistic information based on the regret theory for public health emergency decision-making

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    Group emergency decision-making is an uncertain and dynamic process, in which the decision makers may be bounded rational and have a risk appetite. To depict the vague qualitative assessments, the probabilistic linguistic term sets are employed to express the perceptions of decision makers. First, considering the regret-aversion of the decision makers’ psychological characteristic, the value function and the regret-rejoice function in the regret theory are modified to adapt the probabilistic linguistic information. Second, the definition and aggregation operators of the probabilistic linguistic time variable are proposed to describe and aggregate the dynamic decision information. Third, the probabilistic linguistic models based on the dynamic reference point method and the regret theory are studied to maximise the expectation-levels of alternatives at the relative time point. The proposed method is applied to select the optimal response strategy for the outbreak of COVID-19 in China. Finally, the comparative analysis is designed to verify the applicability and reasonability of the proposed method