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    The Effect of Orbital Angular Momentum on Nondiffracting Ultrashort Optical Pulses

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    We introduce a new class of nondiffracting optical pulses possessing orbital angular momentum. By generalizing the X-waves solution of the Maxwell equation, we discover the coupling between angular momentum and the temporal degrees of freedom of ultra-short pulses. The spatial twist of propagation invariant light pulse turns out to be directly related to the number of optical cycles. Our results may trigger the development on novel multi-level classical and quantum transmission channels free of dispersion and diffraction, may also find application in the manipulation of nano-structured objects by ultra-short pulses, and for novel approaches to the spatio-temporal measurements in ultrafast photonics

    An Intelligent QoS Identification for Untrustworthy Web Services Via Two-phase Neural Networks

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    QoS identification for untrustworthy Web services is critical in QoS management in the service computing since the performance of untrustworthy Web services may result in QoS downgrade. The key issue is to intelligently learn the characteristics of trustworthy Web services from different QoS levels, then to identify the untrustworthy ones according to the characteristics of QoS metrics. As one of the intelligent identification approaches, deep neural network has emerged as a powerful technique in recent years. In this paper, we propose a novel two-phase neural network model to identify the untrustworthy Web services. In the first phase, Web services are collected from the published QoS dataset. Then, we design a feedforward neural network model to build the classifier for Web services with different QoS levels. In the second phase, we employ a probabilistic neural network (PNN) model to identify the untrustworthy Web services from each classification. The experimental results show the proposed approach has 90.5% identification ratio far higher than other competing approaches.Comment: 8 pages, 5 figure