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    Art Museum Curators and Management

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    Art museums house the greatest works from artists around the world from classics to modern pop art, without discrimination and open to interpretation. Art museums are debatably one of the most sacred places in society. Any history museum will give details about ancient artifacts or new discoveries; art, however, can change in meaning with each new visitor. Museum curators go beyond the “do not touch” signs with their large key rings opening vaults of worth and beauty. Curators work directly with artists and other museums to resurrect a dying cultural tradition. With the assistance of Valparaiso University’s own Gloria Ruff, Assistant Curator and Registrar, I have had the privilege to get a guided tour of what goes on in a day in the life of a curator. Museums are in decline, maintaining with their heads just above the water. Laws were passed and curriculums changed in higher education so that these houses of culture do not dissipate into the history books

    James Liddy: The Poet\u27s Soul Purified

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    The author discusses the life and works of writer James Liddy. He notes that Liddy did more in poetry, catholicism and sexuality in Ireland and taught friends and students to embrace time and place, knowledge of history and religion as well as memory and awareness. The author also states that he was a poet who believed in real mortality, filled with truth and honesty

    Industries Storm States Over Climate Change

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    Examines 2003-07 contributions by the energy industry, manufacturers, and pro-business and environmental groups to state-level political campaigns. Analyzes data by contributor, recipient type, state, candidate's incumbency, party, and win-loss status

    Drafting the Nineteen Propositions, January to July 1642

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    This article analyses the drafting of the document eventually printed as the Nineteen Propositions. Section two addresses certain issues regarding the methods and concepts employed in the subsequent analysis, focusing on consensus-building, constitutional leanings and the drafting of parliamentary declarations in early 1642. Section three examines the origins of the Nineteen Propositions in the draft Declaration of Ways and Means (January 1642) (hereafter cited as the Ways). Section four traces the emergence of the Declaration Concerning Grievances and Remedies (hereafter cited as the Grievances) from the Ways (January–February). Section five examines the junta's efforts to overcome the Lords' prevarication over passing the Grievances (February–May). Section six examines the emergence of the initial draft of the Nineteen Propositions from the Grievances (24–7 May). Section seven analyses the 28 May draft, while section eight explores the amendment of that draft (31 May and 1 June). Section nine examines parliament's abortive attempts to revise the Nineteen Propositions in light of His Majesty's Answer to the XIX Propositions (21 June–2 July). It is concluded that, contrary to the received view, the text of the Nineteen Propositions began to emerge in January rather than May 1642, and that the junta in the Commons rather than the Lords drove this process. The three appendices identify, respectively, the constitutional leanings of the relevant parliamentarians, the parts of the text of the Ways that were repeated in the Grievances, and dates on which the various parts of the final text of the Nineteen Propositions were written

    What we leave behind: poetry, music, and Seamus Heaney

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    Seamus Heaney’s death in late summer, 2013, came as a shock and is now a residual sadness. I miss his guidance, his humanity, his humor. Heaney’s presence, through the poems, has been a richly-colored thread connecting each stage of my life—or at least of how I made sense of them. I sometimes think most everything I do is still stitched with his color (the color of a woodland in bloom). . .

    The Poet\u27s Hymn

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    Reviews the book The Doctor\u27s House: An Autobiography, by James Liddy

    Ambitions and Text

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    Reviews the book Well Dreams: Essays on John Montague, edited by Thomas Dillon Redshaw
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