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    Dissipative conformal measures on locally compact spaces

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    The paper introduces a general method to construct conformal measures for a local homeomorphism on a locally compact non-compact Hausdorff space, subject to mild irreducibility-like conditions. Among others the method is used to give necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of eigenmeasures for the dual Ruelle operator associated to a locally compact non-compact irreducible Markov shift equipped with a uniformly continuous potential function. As an application to operator algebras the results are used to determine for which β\beta there are gauge invariant β\beta-KMS weights on a simple graph CC^*-algebra when the one-parameter automorphism group is given by a uniformly continuous real-valued function on the path space of the graph.Comment: Theorem 4.6 has been correcte

    Is Quantum Mechanics needed to explain consciousness ?

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    In this short comment to a recent contribution by E. Manousakis [1] it is argued that the reported agreement between the measured time evolution of conscious states during binocular rivalry and predictions derived from quantum mechanical formalisms does not require any direct effect of QM. The recursive consumption analysis process in the Ouroboros Model can yield the same behavior.Comment: 3 page