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    Quantum Group SU_{q}(2) and Pairing in Nuclei

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    A scheme for treating the pairing of nucleons in terms of generators of Quantum Group SU_{q}(2) is presented. The possible applications to nucleon pairs in a single orbit, multishell case, pairing vibrations and superconducting nuclei are discussed. The formalism for performing BCS calculations with q-deformed nucleon pairs is constructed and the role played by deformation parameter q analyzed in the context of nucleons in a single orbit and for Sn Isotopes.Comment: 6 Pages, No figures, To be published in Proceedings of International Conference "Geometrical Aspects of Quantum Fields", Londrina PR, April 2000, World Scientifi

    Genuine Four Tangle for Four Qubit States

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    We report a four qubit polynomial invariant that quantifies genuine four-body correlations. The four qubit invariants are obtained from transformation properties of three qubit invariants under a local unitary on the fourth qubit.Comment: 03 pages, This short communication is a contribution to the proceedings of QCMC 2012 held in Vienna, Austria, July 30th to August 3rd 201