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    General covariance violation and the gravitational dark matter. II. Vector graviton

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    The (four componenet) vector graviton contained in metric, the scalar component incorporated, is attributed to the violation of the general covariance to the residual isoharmonic one. In addition to the previously studied (singlet) scalar graviton, the vector graviton may constitute one more fraction of the gravitational dark matter. The gravity interactions of the vector graviton, as well as its impact on the continuous medium are studied.Comment: 10 page

    Minimal metagravity vs. dark matter and/or dark energy

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    The minimal metagravity theory, explicitly violating the general covariance but preserving the unimodular one, is applied to study the evolution of the isotropic homogeneous Universe. The massive scalar graviton, contained in the theory in addition to the massless tensor one, is treated as a source of the dark matter and/or dark energy. The modified Friedmann equation for the scale factor of the Universe is derived. The question wether the minimal metagravity can emulate the LCDM concordance model, valid in General Relativity, is discussed.Comment: 6 pages, a typo correcte
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