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    Poisson brackets and Poisson spectra in polynomial algebras

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    Poisson brackets on the polynomial algebra C[x,y,z] are studied. A description of all such brackets is given and, for a significant class of Poisson brackets, the Poisson prime ideals and Poisson primitive ideals are determined. The results are illustrated by numerous examples.Comment: includes minor corrections to published versio

    Crowd Counting with Decomposed Uncertainty

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    Research in neural networks in the field of computer vision has achieved remarkable accuracy for point estimation. However, the uncertainty in the estimation is rarely addressed. Uncertainty quantification accompanied by point estimation can lead to a more informed decision, and even improve the prediction quality. In this work, we focus on uncertainty estimation in the domain of crowd counting. With increasing occurrences of heavily crowded events such as political rallies, protests, concerts, etc., automated crowd analysis is becoming an increasingly crucial task. The stakes can be very high in many of these real-world applications. We propose a scalable neural network framework with quantification of decomposed uncertainty using a bootstrap ensemble. We demonstrate that the proposed uncertainty quantification method provides additional insight to the crowd counting problem and is simple to implement. We also show that our proposed method exhibits the state of the art performances in many benchmark crowd counting datasets.Comment: Accepted in AAAI 2020 (Main Technical Track