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    Analyzing StudentsÔÇÖ Perceptions From Their Interests and RightsÔÇÖ Protection Perspective Within Various International Contexts

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    The research originated from comprehending the way students, as consumers; perceive the involvement of bodies empowered to protect their rights and interests, including consumption-modernizing programmes. Among the cross-scientific research methods used by our research, the survey has been chosen and applied in three universities from various countries: Constantin Brancoveanu University of Pitesti ÔÇô Management ÔÇô Marketing in Economic Affairs Faculty, Romania, Fernando Pessoa - Business Science Faculty, Portugal and University Degli Studi di Milano ÔÇô Political Sciences Faculty, Italy. For data processing, comprehensive methods of analysis and statistic-mathematical methods have been used, while for data analysis the method of comparing interviewed studentsÔÇÖ opinions and the causal explanation have been used. The paperÔÇÖs originality consists in drafting a direct, quantitative research, based on the scientific research of studentsÔÇÖ opinions, future opinion originators, in three countries with various development levels. In addition, Romanian profile literature does not enlist many scientific papers approaching the analysed topics, while international research papers exist, but only to a small extent. The main results of research reveal the occurrence of dissimilarities and similarities relevant to studentsÔÇÖ perceptions, regarding the approached subject.consumers` protection, consumers` rights, international research, students, analysis of perceptions, different national contexts

    Understanding Cultural Intelligence Factors among Business Students in Romania

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    AbstractCultural intelligence (CQ) is a relatively new concept, one that explains why certain individuals can adapt to different cultural contexts more efficiently than others. Using Earley & Ang's (2003) multidimensional concept as an analysis framework, this paper will study the intercultural intelligence among business students in Romania. We have chosen this research topic because we believe that the business students of today will become the global managers of tomorrow. Given that CQ is a multidimensional concept, this paper will analyze the answers for each of the four CQ dimensions, in order to identify which of the four capabilities is more or less developed among students. The final purpose is to understand the CQ components on which higher education should focus more. We wish to find educational solutions adapted to the actual needs of business graduates

    Generating Simulation Relations for Certain Nonlinear Control Systems

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    In this dissertation, we introduce a new algorithm for generating simulation relations between nonlinear control systems that are affine in inputs and disturbances and provide precise mathematical conditions ensuring that the algorithm works as intended. Moreover, we prove that under appropriate conditions, making the "rightchoices" in the algorithm leads to a maximal simulation relation of the first system by the second. We also construct several illustrative examples showing in detail how the algorithm works in special instances and also indicate some of the limitations of thealgorithm

    IFRS Adoption in Romania: The Effects upon Financial Information and its Relevance

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    AbstractStarting from 2012, listed Romanian entities have to report their individual financial statements using International Financial Reporting Standards. This study is focusedon presenting the differences between Romanian Accounting Standards and IFRS when financial information is analysed. The research is conducted upon the companies that are listed on BSE and tries to demonstrate if statistically any significance in mean, median and variance was observed among several accounting measures and financial ratios. An analysis upon the entire market and its subsamples, considering companies specialisation, was conducted. The results reveal that no statistically significant differences at median and mean level were observed. The relevance could be identified at variance variation considering the solvency ratio and the return on equity one. Regarding the subsample analysis, the results are mixt


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    Genesis conditions and effects of avalanches. Case studies in representative sectors within Piatra Craiului and Fagars mountains. The present paper aims at investigating the avalanches and their impact on the environment components. Snow avalanches are natural phenomena, which are controlled by the specific features of the mountain realm. They start suddenly due to the combination of meteorological and non-meteorological factors, which make the loose materials (snow, ice, detritus, vegetation or soil) collapse or slide down along the slope. In consequence, erosion is increased or facilitated because of the impact they have on the other components of the environment (thalwegs deepening, forest destruction). The distribution of avalanches is hard to be highlighted, because of the inaccessible lands and the adverse meteorological conditions. From this reason, one needs to know their complex features, namely the morphology, vegetation and spatial dynamics of the areas prone to such phenomena. The effects on the environment can be easily identified in the mountain realm, inasmuch as they create typical corridors along the streams crossing the forests. At the same time, however, they have certain effects on the slope deposits, too. These will be further presented with examples for the eastern slope of the Piatra Craiului Mts. and the Suru ÔÇô Negoiu section in the F─âg─âra╚Ö Mts. These areas are deemed representative for each of the mentioned mountain massifs

    Longitudinal kinematic imbalances in (anti-)neutrino interactions for improved measurements of nuclear removal energies and the axial vector form factor

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    Current and future accelerator neutrino oscillation experiments require an improved understanding of nuclear effects in neutrino-nucleus interactions. One important systematic uncertainty is given by potential mismodeling of the removal energy, which biases the reconstruction of the neutrino energy. In this manuscript, we introduce a novel observable for accelerator neutrino oscillation experiments, the visible longitudinal momentum imbalance, reconstructed in charged current quasi-elastic interactions from the outgoing charged lepton and nucleon. Minimally dependent on the neutrino energy and directly sensitive to the removal energy distribution, we demonstrate a method to constrain the latter. Further, we show how the use of the longitudinal imbalance in anti-neutrino interactions in a target containing hydrogen allows for an improved, high-purity selection of the interactions on hydrogen. This approach offers the potential for precise measurements of the nuclear axial vector form factor as well as of the anti-neutrino flux.Comment: 9 pages, 9 figure

    The contractile ring coordinates curvature-dependent septum assembly during fission yeast cytokinesis

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    The functions of the actin-myosinÔÇôbased contractile ring in cytokinesis remain to be elucidated. Recent findings show that in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe, cleavage furrow ingression is driven by polymerization of cell wall fibers outside the plasma membrane, not by the contractile ring. Here we show that one function of the ring is to spatially coordinate septum cell wall assembly. We develop an improved method for live-cell imaging of the division apparatus by orienting the rod-shaped cells vertically using microfabricated wells. We observe that the septum hole and ring are circular and centered in wild-type cells and that in the absence of a functional ring, the septum continues to ingress but in a disorganized and asymmetric manner. By manipulating the cleavage furrow into different shapes, we show that the ring promotes local septum growth in a curvature-dependent manner, allowing even a misshapen septum to grow into a more regular shape. This curvature-dependent growth suggests a model in which contractile forces of the ring shape the septum cell wall by stimulating the cell wall machinery in a mechanosensitive manner. Mechanical regulation of the cell wall assembly may have general relevance to the morphogenesis of walled cells

    Supporting the personal autonomy of children with autism spectrum disorder: a software system design and development

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    Technology attracts the interest of children with ASD. Health professionals and developers are interested to design programs facilitating daily lives of individuals with ASD. However, some special requirements must be considered on software design process for people with ASD. To describe principles and decision making of an interactive software design process for children with ASD.info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersio

    Characterization of Fluorescent Proteins for Three- and Four-Color Live-Cell Imaging in S. cerevisiae

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    Saccharomyces cerevisiae are widely used for imaging fluorescently tagged protein fusions. Fluorescent proteins can easily be inserted into yeast genes at their chromosomal locus, by homologous recombination, for expression of tagged proteins at endogenous levels. This is especially useful for incorporation of multiple fluorescent protein fusions into a single strain, which can be challenging in organisms where genetic manipulation is more complex. However, the availability of optimal fluorescent protein combinations for 3-color imaging is limited. Here, we have characterized a combination of fluorescent proteins, mTFP1/mCitrine/mCherry for multicolor live cell imaging in S. cerevisiae. This combination can be used with conventional blue dyes, such as DAPI, for potential four-color live cell imaging

    ASD Module: a software to support the personal autonomy in the daily life of children with autism spectrum disorder

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    [Abstract] Introduction: It was observed that technology developers expressed a clear interest to design programs that meet the needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Several authors indicate that any software designed for people with ASD has to include special requirements in the design. Methodology: This research study describes a software for children with ASD named Module ASD and describes the interactive process of design that it was followed. This research focuses on a software development and the design process, based on scientific evidence study, consultation and tests done by specialists, children with ASD and their families. The techniques used to formalize the collection of information from different groups of participants were: observation, interview, group discussions and field book. Results: The ASD Module is the result of the study and it is a free technological application that is made up of a set of virtual keyboards (or adapted interfaces), digital schedules and activities, especially designed and tested by and for children with ASD. The application is included in the In-TIC PC software. The software is available for the Windows operating system and was implemented with the Visual Studio development tool, .NET environment, C# programming language and Windows Form technology. Other materials used for content development were the Interactive Books Multimedia (LIM according to the Spanish acronym) software and the ARASAAC pictograms. Discussion and conclusions: The results show that the digital content can be oriented to promote independence in several daily activities (ADL, education, leisure and social participation). This technology design provides useful information for researchers, developers, social and healthcare professionals and families, with the aim of offering alternatives for children with ASD and facilitating the understanding of daily life.Xunta de Galicia; GRC2014/049Xunta de Galicia; CN2012/211Xunta de Galicia; R2014/039Instituto de Salud Carlos III; PI13/0028
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