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    Parton cascade and coalescence

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    This is a review of the parton cascade approach and its implications on parton coalescence at RHIC.Comment: Invited plenary talk at Quark Matter 2005 (Aug 4-9, 2005, Budapest, Hungary) - to appear in proceedings. 10 pages, 12 EPS figures, ESP style file include

    Parton coalescence and spacetime

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    The influence of spacetime dynamics in hadronization via parton coalescence at RHIC is investigated using covariant parton transport theory. Key observables, the quark number scaling of elliptic flow and the enhancement of the p/pi ratio, show strong dynamical effects and differ from earlier results based on the simple coalescence formulas.Comment: Talk presented at the BP2004 Workshop (KFKI/RMKI, Budapest, March 24-27). 8 pages, 8 eps figs, stylefile included. To be published in proceeding

    On isomorphisms of standard operator algebras

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    The aim of this paper is to show that between standard operator algebras every bijective map with a certain multiplicativity property related to Jordan triple isomorphisms of associative rings is automatically additive.Comment: 8 pages. To appear in Studia Mat
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