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    Queer spies in British Cold War culture: literature, film, theatre and television

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    This PhD thesis investigates how male homosexuality has been represented in British spy fiction from the 1950s to the 2010s in multiple media: literature, film, television and theatre. Due mainly to the betrayal of the Cambridge Spy ring around the middle of the century, British culture has associated spies with homosexuality, while the wider Anglophone world was in the grip of a homophobic atmosphere created by McCarthy's Red Scare. My thesis explores how this history is reflected in the spy genre from the Cold War to the present, in which male homosexuality and secret agency intersect as “queer”, in so far as they were both considered to be discreet and criminal, existing outside of the heteronormative order. By following multiple texts across media and time, I discuss how some writers, television and film directors and actors update queer identity in spy fiction, creating a shifting image of queer spies through decades. I refer to the findings of adaptation studies and queer studies, along with numerous studies on spy fiction. I conclude that the interrelation of different media has contributed to the re-drawing of queer identity in spy fiction. These developments have enabled the spies' queer identity to transcend its pejorative history in British culture, towards its more flexible and pliant sense which is designated by the term's modern usage. I also discuss that spies’ homosexuality has been represented as a fleeting ghost in most of the texts examined, hovering on the margins of pages and screen. Although homosexuality is not “the love that dare not speak its name” anymore, clandestine queer spies have been preserved as spectral others in the genre for many years. Spy fiction is a cultural repository retaining the memory of violence inflicted against those who have been called “queer” in twentieth century Britain, and the spectral nature of queer spies narrates this history reaching back to the Oscar Wilde trial in 1895, from which point British queer identity as we know now developed. This thesis benefits the study of spy fiction by filling a gap in the investigation of homosexual representation. It also contributes to the field of gender studies of literature, film, television, and theatre by illustrating queer history in a genre which has not received a great deal of focus on its representation of homosexuality. Spy fiction occupies a central position in British popular culture, and by exploring this genre in terms of homosexuality, this research will identify the role which same-sex desire has historically played in the British cultural imagination

    A Study on the Value of Adapted Sports as Teaching Material in Physical Education

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    本研究では,障害者スポーツの教材価値について2 つの調査の結果をもとに検討した。調査1 では,体育授業における障害者スポーツの実施について,特別支援学校および学級における授業,混合授業,オリ・パラ授業の3 つの状況に分け,各状況の実践報告を検討した。各状況の体育授業においては,障害者スポーツを目的や手段として,情意,認知,技能,社会的行動(高橋,1991)の各領域に対応する学習を行っていたことがわかった。調査2 では,中学生を対象にゴールボールを教材とした授業を実践し,その効果を検証した。生徒にとってゴールボールを行ったことは楽しい経験となっており,作戦を考えたりして進んで取り組めた授業であった。一方で,ゲーム中心となり練習機会が少ないため,技能の習熟とはならなかった。また,生徒の振り返りには【共生】や【生活に活用】がみられた。 以上より,体育授業において障害者スポーツを行うことは,共生の視点のもと多様な特性を持つ児童生徒がかかわり,運動の楽しさや魅力を味わう学習となることが示唆された。さらに,障害者スポーツには,ほかのスポーツと同様に人生,社会,世界,未来とかかわる価値や障害者スポーツ独自の【共生】や【生活に活用】といった価値が内在することが示唆された

    Correlation of plasma concentration and adverse effects of bosutinib: standard dose or dose-escalation regimens of bosutinib treatment for patients with chronic myeloid leukemia

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    Abstract Purpose To investigate the exposure-toxicity relationship of bosutinib and to identify the target trough plasma concentration (C0). Methods The toxicity and C0 of bosutinib in Japanese chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients were monitored every 2 weeks for the first 3 months of treatment, and subsequently once a month during the 6 months after beginning 500 mg/day of standard dose (SD group, n = 10) or beginning 100 mg/day and increased by 100 mg every 2 weeks of dose escalation (DE group, n = 15). Results Nine of 10 patients (90%) in the SD group were not able to continue bosutinib therapy without interruption due to adverse events, compared to 2 patients (13.5%) in the DE group. The total duration of treatment interruption was 35 and 14 days in the SD and DE groups, respectively. The median time until liver dysfunction or diarrhea was day 28 and day 1 in the SD group, and day 53.5 and day 19 in the DE group, respectively. The cumulative dose of bosutinib was comparable between the SD and DE groups (51,700 vs. 53,550 mg, respectively). At 6 months, the median C0 was 63.7 ng/mL and 63.0 ng/mL in the SD and DE groups, respectively. Liver dysfunction (all grades) and diarrhea (> grade 2) were prevalent in quartile 4 of C0 (> 91.0 ng/mL), as calculated by the total C0 distribution. Conclusions The DE regimen was better suited to avoid treatment interruption. The daily dose of bosutinib might be adjusted based on target C0 to avoid adverse events by therapeutic drug monitoring in general practice

    Development of Teaching Material on Team-Building in Basketball

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    本研究では,体育授業においてチームビルディングを取り入れた協働して課題解決を行う学習となる教材を開発し,その効果を検討した。中学 1 年生を対象としたバスケットボール単元で全 12 時間計画の実践であった。その結果,以下の 3 点が明らかとなった。〇チーム全員で協働して課題に取り組んで解決しようと意欲的に取り組む姿が見られた。〇ドリルゲームやタスクゲームで課題を明確にすることや課題解決の思考を可視化することがチームで協働して課題を解決する支援となった。〇生徒ができなかった生徒に教え,できなかった生徒ができるようになったことで,お互いの嬉しさや喜びもあり,チームが一体感にあふれ最後のリーグ戦が盛り上がり,授業への満足感を実感できた