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    S1_2 Melting Mars

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    Unlike Earth, Mars lacks a fluid outer core to provide a global magnetic field to shield it against harmful solar winds. Mars is estimated to have a largely solid core of Iron, Nickel and Sulphur. We calculated 7:75 x10^13 kg of Uranium-235 would be needed in a theoretical bomb to liquify a proportion of Mars' core. The proportions used were a scaled imitation of Earth's core

    S1_ 6 The Wings Of Christmas

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    According to traditional lore, each Christmas Santa Claus travels across the globe delivering gifts to all of the children on his ‘Nice’ list. In this paper, we calculated the velocity he would travel at to be 1.56×106 ms−1. Thus, if his sleigh had aerofoils they would require a minimum surface area of 1.26×10−3 m2 each to provide lift

    S1_5 It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a pig!

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    It's likely we have all used the common adynation 'when pigs fly' at some time in our lives, but in this article we question how pigs may fly. Using a Strouhal number of 0.2 we calculated the combined minimum surface area of the wings required for a wild pig to fly to be 5.13 m^2