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    Phase transitions of barotropic flow coupled to a massive rotating sphere - derivation of a fixed point equation by the Bragg method

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    The kinetic energy of barotropic flow coupled to an infnitely massive rotating sphere by an unresolved complex torque mechanism is approximated by a discrete spin-lattice model of fluid vorticity on a rotating sphere, analogous to a one-step renormalized Ising model on a sphere with global interactions. The constrained energy functional is a function of spin-spin coupling and spin coupling with the rotation of the sphere. A mean field approximation similar to the Curie-Weiss theory, modeled after that used by Bragg and Williams to treat a two dimensional Ising model of ferromagnetism, is used to find the barotropic vorticity states at thermal equilibrium for given temperature and rotational frequency of the sphere. A fixed point equation for the most probable barotropic flow state is one of the main results.Comment: 31 pages, 6 figure

    Tongue of the Invisible, WERGO WER68592

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    CD recording of the live performance at 20th anniversary concert of musikFabrik, WDR, Cologne with Uri Caine (pianist), Omar Ebrahim (baritone), Ensemble musikFabrik conducted by André de Ridder. text by Jonathan Holmes after the poetry of Hafiz. Work in 8 movements. duration: 54:07