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    Smart Card Driving License System in Gujarat

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    Gujarat was the first state in India which introduced the smart card license system in 1999. It was the first place in the world which introduced this innovative system and, thus, its implementation was a real challenge. As of now, Gujarat Government has issued 5 million smart card driving licenses to its people. This card is basically a plastic card having ISO 7810 certification and integrated circuit,capable of storing and verifying information according to its programming. To avoid corruption and mismanagement of driving licence, in the year 1999,Gujarat State Government launched the smart card driving license system, which has become the success story for dif ferent states of India and overseas countries such as USA.Transport, Infrastructure,Urban

    Infrastructure in India

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    The critical aspect in Indian infrastructure is the policy development, with specific steps being laid out for specific policies such as bidding and procurement process, policy planning methodology and the linkages between policy development and economic growth. The bidding and procurement process basically goes through the various steps, needed to get Private Sector Participation (PSP) in various sectors of the infrastructure.Infrastructure , India

    Book Review --India Port Report: 10 Years of Reforms and Challenges Ahead

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    India Port report by I-maritime, Mumbai presents a broader prospect of Indian port sector with a public policy prospective and has integrated focal points of different business entity like, shipping lines, port authority, port operators, logistics agencies and types of cargo transported by individual ports. This report has discussed the port history before and after the liberalized era and has broadly discussed the 10 years of the reforms and challenges ahead. The report says that the problems with the major ports in India have been seen because of political pressures, lack of autonomy, lack of incentives, excess of bureaucracy and hierarchies’ rigidities. The report also admits the fact that the last 10 years of globalization and economic reforms opened different ways to different sectors and port sector has diversified accordingly and has made significant improvement. One of the reasons for diversification of this sector was to increase the export and import relations with other countries and decreasing the public monopoly to make this sector more efficient by allowing the private companies to invest in this sector. This created the urgency of standard cargo handling equipments, modernization of the port systems and transforming this sector from laborintensive to autonomous system in order to decrease the turnaround period and thus increasing the efficiency of ports.India Port , reform

    Spirituality, Productivity and Effective Management :Transforming a Business

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    If one wants to be competitive in this 21st Century, one should have the attitude to change and transform according to environment. Acquiring the right attitude to transform oneself, will result in increasing one’s productivity at the workplace.Spirituality, Productivity and Effective Management

    Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Indian Agriculture

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    The Indian agricultural sector is leveraging the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to disseminate the right information at the right time. The cost factor in face-to-face information dissemination and the difficulties in reaching the target audiences have necessitated the introduction of ICT in agriculture. This article discusses the different models related to ICT in Indian agriculture like, Kisan call centers, The Gyandoot project, Bhoomi project, Village knowledge centers, and AGMARKNET. In the end, the article discusses the barriers and the outlook of ICT in Indian agriculture.Information ,Agriculture

    Private Sector Participation in Indian Agriculture : An Overview

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    The share of private sector in capital formation in Indian agriculture is approximately three times more than the public sector. This shows the active involvement of the private agencies in the Indian agriculture sector.Indian Agriculture , Private Participation

    Book Review--- e-Government:The Science of the Possible

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    This book has been divided into 12 chapters looking at the interlinking of topics on e-Governance. These topics include (among others) -- i) The introduction to e-Government, ii) Vision of e-governance, iii) Architecture or e-governance infrastructure of different countries and a special reference to the AP portal, iv) The PPT, PPP and e-Government readiness, technology and standards, v) Security for e-government, the digital divide, e-government and cyberlaw.e-Governance

    Book Review --Working with Private Sector Providers for Better Health Care: An Introductory Guide

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    Working with Private Sector Provider for Better Healthcare: An Introductory Guide aims to provide the most critical approach to develop strategies for working with Private Sector Participation (PSPs) for better healthcare. This Guide focuses specifically on those PSPs who operate on a for-profit basis, primarily in poorer countries, and who directly interact with service users, supplying them with healthcare services or products. The guide focuses the facts that PSPs behavior is influenced by policy makers and the people, who use the services. The guide also cites the need for a range of supportive, regulatory and incentive-based mechanisms to facilitate the healthcare system in developing countries. Thus it is an important soft area of the infrastructure, which has been discussed by the authors through this guide .Health Care , Private Sector

    Book review--The Sourcing Solution : A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Successful Purchasing Program

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    The book has elaborated the new concepts in sourcing and has discussed how the old purchases department doesn’t work in isolation. The concepts discussed in the book are managing vendor, vendor performance, outsourcing,offshore outsourcing, cost of acquisition, contracting, negotiation, partnering, cultural aspects and ethical issues while dealing with suppliers.Sourcing Solution ,Purchase,Operation
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