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    Coercion, Violation of Privacy and Everyday Difficulties as the Cause of Patient Refusal Treatment in Psychiatric Hospitals in Russia

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    Treatment in a psychiatric hospital is accompanied by a restriction of independence, violation of privacy, coercion, which causes displeasure of patients. The aim of the study was to verify the scale of everyday problems, violations of privacy and coercion in a psychiatric hospital to develop recommendations for the organization of a therapeutic environment. The study included 191 patients in a psychiatric hospital. Anonymous questionnaire was used. Statistical processing of the database was carried out by nonparametric methods. The majority of patients (67%) estimated the conditions of stay in a psychiatric hospital at 7-10 points (10-point scale), but half of them complained about the need for self-purchase of drugs. A full night's sleep was disturbed by the snoring of others (56.5%), an uncomfortable bed (36.6%), bright light (26.2%). The poor diet was indicated by 45.5% of patients. Patients indicated coercion by medical staff: retention (11.5%), forced administration of drugs (12%), coercion to consent to treatment (22%), refusal to discharge from hospital (35.1%). It was reported that there was a violation of privacy in the toilet (36.6%), difficulties to observe the intimate hygiene (16.8%). These problems caused patients to refuse inpatient treatment if there was the possibility of outpatient treatment (65.2% of men and 52.6% of women). Despite the low level of claims of patients to living conditions, it is important to respect their rights in psychiatric hospitals to privacy, creating a comfortable living space, the organization of differentiated methods of observation by medical staff

    The impact of digital technologies on the quality of life of the population: measurement methodologies and assessment results

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    The article summarizes the results of studies of scientific approaches to the measurement and evaluation of the quality of life in the application of digital technology. The authors studied the state of development of digital technologies and identified priority areas of digitalization in the Russian Federation. The article, based on the results of studies published in open sources, systematized indicators of the quality of life in certain countries of the world. The authors also substantiated the need to develop new methods of assessing the quality of life in the context of the increasing role of digital technologies

    Current issues of the Russian language teaching XIV

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    Collection of papers ‚ÄúCurrent issues of the Russian language teaching XIV‚ÄĚ is devoted to issues of methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language, to issues of linguistics and literary science and includes papers related to the use of online tools and resources in teaching Russian. This collection of papers is a result of the international scientific conference ‚ÄúCurrent issues of the Russian language teaching XIV‚ÄĚ, which was scheduled for 8‚Äď10 May 2020, but due to the pandemic COVID-19 took place remotely

    An embedding technique to determine ŌĄŌĄ backgrounds in proton-proton collision data

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    An embedding technique is presented to estimate standard model tau tau backgrounds from data with minimal simulation input. In the data, the muons are removed from reconstructed mu mu events and replaced with simulated tau leptons with the same kinematic properties. In this way, a set of hybrid events is obtained that does not rely on simulation except for the decay of the tau leptons. The challenges in describing the underlying event or the production of associated jets in the simulation are avoided. The technique described in this paper was developed for CMS. Its validation and the inherent uncertainties are also discussed. The demonstration of the performance of the technique is based on a sample of proton-proton collisions collected by CMS in 2017 at root s = 13 TeV corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 41.5 fb(-1).Peer reviewe

    Measurement of the Jet Mass Distribution and Top Quark Mass in Hadronic Decays of Boosted Top Quarks in pp Collisions at root s=13 TeV